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Hello, 2019!

A is for Awesome. Cheers to an awesome 2019.

Okay, we are officially halfway through the first month of 2019! Crazy, huh?! I hope you are still working on those resolutions! ;) One of my goals this year is to start sharing more on our blog. My 'realistic' goal will be to share monthly updates around style, boutique products, home decor, travel, and maybe even easy recipes! I'll admit I am no Martha Stewart and I try to make the easiest, tasty dishes at home. I have two small kids who will eat the most basic stuff and when I try elaborate, ahem "Pinterest' dishes, they just aren't that into it! 


I tried to not overwhelm myself with resolutions this year. I just want to be the best I can be without stressing myself out. Ha! I have two goals: One personal and one professional.

My personal goal to spend more time with the special people in my life. 2018 was a hard year. I didn't see many friends or family, went on very few date nights with my hubby, and at the end of the year, I realized I wasn't okay with that. So this year, I will try and change that as best as I can! Happy hours await. :) 

My professional goal is to really learn what you gals want and need. I realize you don't NEED to shop, but shopping is fun and a way of life. Society says you can't walk around naked so here we are! :) 

Spring will be here before you know it

In the past, I've shared potential products and ideas with our VIP group and Facebook page about what I want to purchase for the boutique. I share pics of items I'm considering for the shop and let you comment on what you like most and what you don't like.

Including customer feedback will always be essential for growth, so here are a few pieces that may end up in the shop this Spring! Please comment if you like them. Even better, let me know if these pieces are something you would actually wear! 

White Eyelet DressYellow Dolman Top with RufflesJumpsuit with Smocked Waist in MossLavender Pinstripe Maxi Dress Updates

We have some exciting updates coming this Spring! To continue to improve your online shopping experience, I'll launch a virtual dressing room where you can input your size or measurements and our virtual app will recommend the size that works best for you. This idea and plan have been around for some time and I'm excited to announce it's finally happening! Now I realize that most of you may not know your measurements so I'll continue to provide a size guide for all clothing to help with selecting your size. This general chart here also helps with figuring out what size you likely fall into for young contemporary, missy sizes. Most of our sizes fall into missy sizes. 

Which brings me to the next update - I've had many questions about the expansion of sizes in my boutique. This Spring, I am happy to announce that we will have a limited collection of plus sizes in our shop. If we see that we have enough demand for these sizes, we'll continue to offer them in the Fall. I will definitely need input from you ladies here too. 

Oh and check out our most recent Valentine's Day blog post! We have some cute and cozy options for you! 

Exciting times ahead!


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