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Dresses to Wear to a Summer (or early Fall) Wedding: Clothing Guide for Guests

It's wedding season. When the warm weather rolls in, it can feel likeeveryone is getting married— from college besties to second cousins and even the cordial co-worker you eat lunch with every day. The greater your family and social circles are, the more RSVPs you receive.

And let’s face it— attending a wedding comes with a substantial to-do list. You’ve got to buy a card, browse the wedding registry, purchase a gift, arrange transportation to and from the event, and most importantly, decide on what to wear.

If you’re one of those girls who keeps a closet full of cute, floral dresses to wear to a summer or fall wedding, then congratulations— you’re already prepared!

But for many of us, finding that perfect wedding guest dress is an entire affair. In most cases, it involves driving to a crowded mall to scour endless racks of clothing look for that one-in-a-million gem— a dress that’s equal parts affordable, pretty, and appropriate.

If you can relate, then there’s good news for you. Shopping fordresses to wear to a wedding doesn’t have to be so hard.

At Alma Boutique, our convenientonline boutique can simplify your search. We stock a wide variety of summer and fall dresses for weddings, each gorgeous and photo-worthy in their own way.

But before you make your selection, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the tips and tricks below.

Guest Dress Etiquette

There’s more to finding your idealwedding guest dress than finding that color that compliments your skin tone. You also have to ensure you’re adhering to the wishes of the wife-and-husband-to-be. 

Below are some of the rules wedding guests should follow when deciding on what to wear:


  • Take note of the dress code. Does the invite state that the occasion will be a white tie affair? Or black tie casual? Or has the bride noted that there is a custom color code, like beige, khaki pants for a beach wedding, or dark reds and greens for Christmas-themed nuptials? Whatever the established rules are, it’s always inappropriate to disregard them. Thus, it’s best to plan accordingly.

  • Avoid over-the-top looks. Your outfit should never be so loud that it distracts from the bride and groom. Consider how your ensemble will appear in the photos. Will it draw attention away from the happy couple? Weddings are not the time for fluorescent hues or excessive embellishments. We recommend keeping it classy and chic, but also subtle.

  • Keep it casual, but not toocasual. If you were thinking about wearing your favorite pair of white-washed jeans or your comfiest sweater, it’s likely time to head back to the drawing board. Weddings are special occasions and should be approached accordingly. Showing up underdressed will give other guests the impression that you didn’t care enough to put the effort in. A little polishing goes a long way!

    Dresses for a Formal Wedding

    Formal summer or fall dresses for weddings are typically longer in length and are often made with shimmery, enchanting fabrics for that extra hint of elegance.

    Alma Boutique’sEverything Lace Dress.

     Black Lace Overlay Dress

    Dresses for an Outdoor Wedding

    When shopping for wedding guest dresses for an outdoor setting, it’s okay to go a little shorter. Dresses that fall above the knee are acceptable (as long as there is minimal risk of a strong wind gust accidentally exposing your undergarments). Outdoor weddings are also a great time to have a little fun with floral patterns or paisley prints. But remember— the weather is often unpredictable. Bring an extra layer if there is potential for rain, or opt for a long-sleeve dress to protect your arms and shoulders from sun exposure.

    Alma Boutique’sBurgundy Floral Dress.

    Floral Burgundy Dress

    Dresses for a Casual Wedding

    When it comes to casual ceremonies, there is a whole spectrum ofwedding guest dresses for summer to choose from.

    We recommend looking for options made from ultra-comfy materials, like cotton or rayon, as these will allow you to dance the night away without feeling restricted. Also, keep your eye out for laid-back elements, like pockets (always handy) or racer-back designs (great for keeping cool). 

    Alma Boutique’sMustard Button Down Dress With Pockets.


    Dresses for a Party Wedding

    If you’re looking for adress to wear to a wedding that will be more fun than formal, the party dress is the way to go.

    Party dresses are typically short and more form-fitting than their casual counterparts. They combine the glitz and glamour of formal wear with the maneuvrability of above-the-knee designs.

    Of all thedresses for weddings, a party dress is most multifaceted, as it allows you to move around more freely than a floor-length gown, while still offering a classy appearance.


     Alma Boutique’sOwn the Night Sequin Dress.

    Looking for more options to choose from? Check out our full collection ofboutique dresses today!