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Different Types of Dresses: Picking the Best Styles for You

The Different Types of Dresses

The most wonderful thing about fashion is that there are so many variations of each garment. It’s a never-ending assortment of sizes, shapes, patterns, and structures. If you don’t like one particular type of dress, there’s always another one to suit your style!

But what if you aren’t aware of what your options are?

That’s when things get tricky.

In order to determine what works best for you, you need to be aware of what separates one dress from another, and what unique characteristics each design has to offer.

To assist our valuedonline boutique customers with their search, we decided to compile a list of some of the varioustypes of dresses that are popular in the retail world today. 

Let’s take a closer look! 

1.The Wrap Dress

The wrap dress is defined by the way it is secured to the body. The dress is wrapped around the body with one side of the dress being folded on top of the other. A fabric belt or cord is then tied around the midriff to fasten the garment in place. These dresses can be particularly flattering because they can be adjusted to your perfect fit. We've stocked wrap dresses before (as well as faux wrap dresses) and our customers love them!

2. The Empire Dress

Thiskind of dress can be recognized by its form-fitting bodice which ends just below the bust— which is the thinnest part of a woman’s torso. Beneath the bodice, the dress has a long, flowy silhouette. This design is favored by women who prefer to conceal their stomach area or draw attention away from their midsection. Some empire dresses are also maxi dresses like the one below! The perfect combination!

3. The Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is characterized by it’s long, floor-length design and reaches the ankle. Typically, thesekinds of dresses are considered casual or informal but can be dressed up for special occasions. Our online boutique customers love maxi dresses and how versatile they can be. They can be worn to weddings or to the beach! We love the one below for a getaway! 

4. The Body Con Dress

A body con dress hugs the body and is typically made from a springy, semi-elastic material. The purpose of thesekind of dresses is to accentuate a woman’s curves and provide a bold, alluring appeal. This Velvet Sparkle Dressbodycon is perfect for an upcoming holiday event!

5. The Sweater Dress

As the name implies, thesedress types are relaxed and comfortable and are made from knitted materials. These dresses are most commonly worn during the colder months and are ideal for wearing with a pair of leggings. We also stock light sweater knit dresses like the Sammy Sweater Dressbelow. 

Sweater Dress - Alma Boutique


6. The Mermaid Dress

Also known as a trumpet dress, thesetypes of dress styles fit snug around the thighs and hips, but flare out below the knee. Many wedding dresses are designed with a mermaid fit, as they are very dramatic and are sure to be show-stoppers. It’s a style that has been worn by celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston during weddings and for star-studded industry events. Looking for a dress for such occasion? We typically carry more casual looks but this one is gorgeous and affordable! 

7. The Tea-Length Dress

Of all thedifferent types of dresses, the tea-length dress is by far one of the most timeless. A major trend in the 1920s, when women would gather for tea, this dress is best known for its hemline, which falls precisely four inches below the knee. Hollywood starlets, including Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, contributed to the rise in popularity of these dresses, making them a coveted clothing item for decades. This polka dot has been popular for us and we love the vintage feel of it!

Polka Dot Tea Length Dress

8. The Off-The-Shoulder Dress

It may be quite obvious, but for clarity’s sake, thesetypes of dresses are designed to expose one (or both) of the shoulders. They often feature some sort of adornment or ruffle around the bicep, making for a sophisticated, sultry look. If you are searching for one, for a girls night out, check this one out or this one for a casual day look! 

9. The Slip Dress

These dresses resemble an under-slip or chemise and can be distinguished by their thin spaghetti straps and simple, straightforward design. The slip dress can be dressed up or down, layered with cardigans or jackets, accessories and shoes, depending on the overall look you're trying to achieve! We love this simple plaid slip dress paired with a jean jacket and cute booties. 

10. The Bell Sleeve Dress

Also known as the peplum sleeve dress, thesetypes of dresses feature sleeves that “puff out” or flare at the bottom. They were a hot trend in the 60s and 70s, when they were synonymous with hippy and disco culture. Today, designs are less flamboyant, but the bell sleeve is still used to give dresses a flowy, feminine touch. This floral one below is perfect as a casual wedding guest dress or for date night and we love this light sweater dress with booties when the weather cools off too!


Find Your Perfect Dress at Alma Boutique

At Alma Boutique, we stock a variety ofboutique dresses to suit our customers. We’re confident we can help you find that “must-have” item that will make you feel your best— whether that be comfy, chic, trendy or a little sassy.

Can’t find what you need? Let us know if you want to try a certain trend, find a particular item, or need styling advice. We’re always happy to work with the women we serve to locate clothing pieces or put together an outfit.

Remember, are constantly sourcing items from creative, inspiring designers to ensure our valued customers have access to unique, remarkable pieces they can be proud of. Let us know which dress type is your favorite!